Exhibition “Difficult Pasts. Connected Worlds” Riga

The exhibition “Difficult Pasts. Connected Worlds” includes works by Aslan Ġoisum, Jaana Kokko, Quinsy Gario, Lia Dostlieva, Andrii Dostliev, Paulina Pukytė, Ülo Pikkov, Vika Eksta, Zuzanna Hertzberg. The stories of this exhibition bring together the difficult and often-silenced aspects of pasts including violent conflicts, painful losses and their long-term legacies. The difficult pasts addressed here… Continue reading Exhibition “Difficult Pasts. Connected Worlds” Riga

Symposium “Prisms of Silence” Tallinn

Symposium “Prisms of Silence” (21-22.02.2020) organized at Estonian Academy of Arts analysed how could we approach significant silences. Its focus is on the Second World war and the Soviet period silences, which we sought to tackle in order to understand contemporary social change. The symposium was organized by Margaret Tali and Ieva Astahovska. It constituted… Continue reading Symposium “Prisms of Silence” Tallinn