I love teaching and creating environments for learning, and have been involved in it for almost as long as I remember myself. I teach in the fields of art history, cultural theory, museum studies and visual culture, often in interdisciplinary contexts. I have taught in the Netherlands and Estonia in different universities and art academies, including Estonian Academy of Arts, Maastricht University, University of Groningen, and Sandberg Institute. A selection of my taught courses:

  • Postsocialist theory meets Postcolonial and Decolonial theory (PhD and MA-levels)
  • Art and Memory: Concepts, Approaches, Debates (PhD and MA-levels)
  • Narrating Difficult Knowledge in Museums and Visual Art’ (MA and BA-levels)
  • Narrativity Across Media (BA-level)
  • Museum Meanings (BA level)
  • The Making of Crucial Differences: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality (BA level)
  • Community Art (MA level)
  • Problems in Contemporary Art (MA level)