I am a researcher, writer, editor and organiser. Originally from Estonia, for the past 10 years I have lived in the Netherlands,. I currently divide my time between Tallinn and Rotterdam. My work brings together art and theory, in order to enable them to enrich each other. My research expertiese is related to contemporary and modern art, dealing with cultural difference, practices of curating and collecting during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Growing up in a family with origins in Latvia, Poland, Estonia and Russia, has given me an appreciation of difference and consciousness of its workings in everyday life. I studied art history and cultural theory in Estonia, Germany, Finland, before coming to The Netherlands for my doctoral studies.

I have taught around the themes of my expertise at University of Groningen, Maastricht University, the Sandberg Institute, Estonian Academy of Art. I have published articles and books, most recently “Absence and Difficult Knowledge in Contemporary Art Museums” (2018) and “Archives and Disobedience. Changing Tactics of Visual Culture in Eastern Europe” (2016, with Tanel Rander). Over the past years, I’ve organised several long-term projects collaborative acting as a project leader, moderator and a host. Currently I am affiliated with Estonian Academy of Arts as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, researching the curation and mediation of difficult knowledge further in the context of Baltic visual culture.

I also work on an edited collection which gathers inspiring artistic and activist practices realised in museum collections and archives.