Doing things with words under neoliberalism

29-30 September together with art historian and curator Ieva Astahovska we were invited to hold a workshop in Riga in the framework of “Language: from Practice to Action” program curated by Maija Rudovska and Inga Lāce. The starting point for this workshop was the politics of language and the operation of competition in the cultural… Continue reading Doing things with words under neoliberalism

Producing Roma Feminist Art

Image Credits: Alexandra Horghidan, Del Duma/ Tell them about me! 2013. Theater play, Giuvlipen Theater Company, Bucharest I will give a talk at the launch event of D’EST network and video platform, and participate in a discussion about Producing Roma Feminist Art together with actress and playwright Mihaela Drăgan (Bucharest/Berlin) . For more, see here.

My book is published!

I am happy to share the news that my book “Absence and Difficult Knowledge in Contemporary Art Museums” was published in the beginning of 2018. I have been working on it for about 10 years. The book grows out of a feeling of discomfort about the ambiguity that exists in the art world when dealing… Continue reading My book is published!

Creating Your Own Voice

In 2015 inspired by the book “Revisiting Footnotes” presented in Riga,  Lelde Arnicāne interviewed me about my work on diversity politics in museums and art institutions. Under the title “Creating Your Own Voice” the interview was initially published in Latvian literary and arts magazine Punctum (Nov 2015). It’s English translation later appeared in Art Guide East (Jan… Continue reading Creating Your Own Voice